How to Create a New folder in windows os

This is our 1st lesson.

We are showing you how to make or create a new folder in your windows operating system computer.

If you want learn this read the full article. Two Ways to Make a New Folder on a windows Computer

 Method  one  

  • Go your windows os Desk to or any partition.
Ex: We are using windows 8 os, ( But another windows os same this method ) and We are going "G" partition like this photo.

  • After Right click your mouse >  New > Folder.
click this photo to view large size

  • You can see created New folder like this photo.
click this photo to view large size

  Method  Two  

  • This method is very easy for you to make a folder. Go to your computer Desktop or open any drive.
  • Press "Ctrl+shift+N"