HP MINI Desktop Computer.

While intended for enterprise deployments, the HP Mini is available for consumer purchase, and, if a very small, well built and well supported PC is what you’re after then this should be considered.

About the size of an external DVD, the i5-4570T (2.90GHz) CPU, 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive innards signal its mid-range functional intent.

The limiting factor is obviously the memory, but with the removal of a single screw the case is open and memory or 2.5” drive expansions can be made. A Torx driver is needed to access the CPU. One of the two SODIMM slots is used, so unless you want to turf the existing 4GB module and start afresh the obvious path is to jump to 8GB. VESA-compatible screw holes in the rear allow mounting on the back of a monitor. 

Review Video

Only DisplayPort is available as a digital output, and there’s a D-Sub connector, too. We can’t help but love the Mini. While relatively expensive, it feels super-solid, and clearly benefits from HP’s vast experience in engineering and design.