Introducing Wiper App - Free texting and calling

Privacy is probably one of the hot button issues for app users.

Between government moves to access our metadata and the potential for law enforcement and 

other agencies to snoop on our communications, there’s little wonder we’re looking for ways to keep our private lives private. Wiper offers encrypted messaging and calls over Wi-Fi to your friends. Installation was a breeze. Once we provided our email address and mobile number, we received a code via email to complete account set up. From there it was just a matter of following the prompts.

The app did ask for address book access so we could invite friends to use Wiper – but it doesn’t automatically start inviting anyone without your permission. With Wiper, you can make calls, send messages and share content. It’s similar to services like Snapchat where messages disappear after a short time but with Wiper you can control when the message disappears. Once a conversation is fi nished with, just tap the Wipe button and the messages instantly disappear from both sides of the conversation.

A little plus we like is that shoulder surfers won’t know who you’re chatting with as the other party’s name is hidden. We made calls and exchanged text messages using Wiper and it worked perfectly over Wi-Fi. It also works of cellular networks but watch out for the data charges if you’re on a limited plan as the service does use HD quality sound. One of the things that is important in a private messaging app is, or course, encryption. Wiper’s developers are somewhat evasive about what encryption they use other than to say it was on a par with other secure messaging apps. One of the features we really liked was the YouTube integration.

Introducing Video

We were able to search for a video and share it directly from within Wiper. Just search, hit the share button and you’re done. Whether all that is enough to compete with myriad other messaging apps is hard to tell but Wiper is a competent app that delivers on its promise.