Photosynth - 3D Photo Editing App Review

3D panorama shots used to be really hard work. Photosynth makes the task a snap.

It automatically detects when to take pictures of a large scene as you pan your camera around.

Unlike the panorama feature of most cameras, it’s not merely limited to movement in one plane.We used Photosynth in the world’s most famous gallery, Le Louvre, to shoot images of entire rooms from floor to ceiling. The app was able to stich all the pieces together and assembles them, creating a 3D panorama. 

You can use it when walking around a statue or creating a photo of a person – as the US CBS network did when they asked viewers to submit images of Barack Obama that they used to create their own model of the President. If you’re looking for a tool to capture di’ cult scenes or for 3D models Photosynth is easy to use and delivers great results.

Photosynth Available on Microsoft Windows os , iOS iphone and ipad, Android ,Windows Phone App-stores.