Sandisk Ultra II SSD Card Introduce

The Ultra is a budget SSD from Sandisk.
A street price of around $120 for the 240GB model sets it as just about the cheapest SSD of that capacity in Australia.

Even Crucial’s new value M100 can’t compete, at around $20 more for a similar capacity. To pull oœ that low price Sandisk used Triple Level Cell (TLC) memory chips for the fi rst time, which have a theoretically shorter write endurance. SSDs – and TLC-types, in particular, haven’t been around long enough to see that in real world experience, but Sandisk does oœ er a 3 year warranty, so that’s some peace of mind, and Samsung uses TLC NAND in its star performer, the Evo 840, as another vote of confi dence.

Performance will be a little slower than non-TLC SSD, but still vastly better than a hard drive, so at the price this would be a good choice for a budget upgrade.