WUNDERLIST 3 App - Introduce

There really isn’t all that much to the standard task management app.

You put in all the things that you need to remember to do, like buy milk, pay your phone bill, call your mum, and

you add a deadline that it needs to be completed by.For the especially forgetful, there’s usually an option to add a reminder so you can receive a notification around the time is due. If you want a little more than just the bare basics, however, the latest version of Wunderlist 3 will give them to you. One of its strongest features is its cross platform availability.

You can access it from the web, Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS and Android, and there’s a beta version available for Windows Phone. With version 3, the developers have added real-time syncing, so any tasks you add on one device are automatically flung to the cloud and then synced to your other devices. Lovely. Another new feature is the ability to add comments to tasks – handy if you’re collaborating on tasks with family members or colleagues. Previously, this was only available if you had a Pro subscription, which costs US$4.99 a month or US$49.99 a year.

Introducing Video

You can also now create public lists to share with your social networks, and anyone can view these lists (as well as comment on any of the list items) without having to create an account with Wunderlist. All of these new features are icing on the cake for what was already one of the most advanced task management platforms on the market. 

Wunderlist stands out for being powerful without over-loading users with options, which is a drawback that most other project management-style apps have. Wunderlist has all of the features you’d expect in an advanced project management app, such as the ability to organise tasks into different lists/projects, create sub-tasks, add file attachments, comments, and the ability to send and receive tasks in the Wunderlist inbox.